My Mother

My Mother taught me love,

With the gentleness of her touch

She showed me the meaning of joy,

By dancing with sunlight in the morning.
She wrapped me up in a summer shawl,

Kept alive my hope through fall

And sullen winters

When I searched for meaning

Soft guidance came from her,
My Mother taught me simplicity,

That not all honesty is spoken from a genuine heart

and that truth, without compassion,

Is meaningless.
My Mother taught me to live,

To listen to birdsong at dawn

and dusk,

That being strong is not always being tough.
She painted my blues

With her rainbow soul,

Gave me the courage to lead

And the wisdom to occasionally

My Mother taught me love

And if that’s all – that’s enough. ©DMM 25/6/2012

#mother #mothersday #love #life #family #spiritual #flowers


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