Extract from “Cara”

“It’s a lovely thing to see!” said the Cabbie, “Two people so in love. Lovely thing to see. I’ll
be a good ten minutes with this traffic,” he said to Kiera. She laughed sharing a joke with him as I walked over to the bridge wall. We were half way across the bridge standing by the trinity lamp lights, looking at the London eye gazing across the City. Below, a party boat

passed underneath ploughing through the river. A few people on the upper deck raised their
glasses at me. I reciprocated by waving. At that moment, Kiera swept under my arm and

grabbed me as tight as someone about to leap over the edge – she kissed me. Her kiss felt

embodied with hunger. Violent with passion and desire. Passing drivers sounded their car

horns, a party of young folks in a VW cheered as they passed. Someone even stopped and

took a photo of us. “Charles, I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul. If you asked me jump off this bridge right now, I’d do it. You are all I think about and all I want to think about. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” We kissed again. 

Quotation “Cara” ©DMM


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