Shapes of Avalon

I live in a series of shapes.

Monday, I’m a square

Looking out from a window,

With four smaller Brothers.
Tuesday, I’m a rectangle,

With a bride and Groom walking

Down my aisle,

Barely a heartbeat between them.
Wednesday, I’m a triangle,

Three days into my week,

And pressure either side,

Squeezes my head 

to a point,
So much so, that by Thursday

I’m a pyramid.

My foundations set in the dessert

But my heart escapes on a felucca,
To Friday, where Circle,

Is my name,

And I hang around the Kazbar,

Playing games,

or being serious,

like a traffic light,
Dreaming of Saturday night,

When a regular star is born,

And I call myself Polygon,

As I High five the sun,
Shooting onto Sunday,

When I become a sphere,

Floating in space,

no fear of falling, because I am held.
Through all these shapes,

And homebound days.

We sway together, like fields of maize,

Until we kiss the hand of Avalon,
Each of us –

Wave upon wave upon wave… Shaped by Love. 
©DMM. 23 June 2012


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