“Old man, what have you learned in your long life? You must have accumulated some wisdom no?”

The young man, who was taking the old mans photograph as he spoke, looked like a child to the old man. A child with a girlfriend. The girlfriend had long black hair and sat on the opposite side of the alley in the sun. She was taking photos of her self. A long stick held her phone-camera. The old man smiled and recalled his wife who once worked in the orchard with him. But he didn’t think of this too long because it made him sad and tired and today he wanted to be happy and awake.

“I love that!” The young man said when the old man smiled. “Alicia, the old man likes you taking selfies, take some more!”

‘Alicia’ didn’t need to be asked. She hadn’t stopped taking selfies. ‘So they have another name for a self portrait?’ The old man thought to himself. ‘Well, I suppose, that many photos must be more like a movie? They’d probably call that a smoovie,’ the old man thought, laughing to himself. “I think he loves you Alicia!” The young man called out to his girlfriend who looked over and nonchalantly smiled.

‘She does look like her’… Thought the old man, thinking again of his wife who had died of the cancer many years ago. I have no photograph of her, he thought. And yet I remember everything about her as if she was standing in front of me right now. I remember the coral green of her eyes. The fathomless black of her hair. The untouched sand like colour of her skin and soft touch of her complexion. “Ayaz, I’d really like a coffee now. Can we go to Hamdi?” The young girl asked. Ayaz, had now stopped taking photos and was looking at his camera. “Aha,” he replied. “Thanks old man”, Ayaz finally said, glancing back as he started walking up the alleyway.

Alicia, ran back to the old man, smiled sympathetically and laid some change on the floor with a half pack of cigarettes. “I feel sorry for these people”, she said to Ayaz as they walked away. The old man smiled and nodded in agreement.

©DMM #inspirational_photograph by @tsitsicos


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