Rick’s Place

“You remember how you always had a favourite part of an album? A journey, that took you from one track to another? Some songs became good friends. Others took time to grow into you, but sometimes they became your favourites. And then there were always those tracks that you never quite – loved.” Jade was listening to Rick, and looked at him as he held the Fender Strat in his arms. He eyed it like a wine expert holding a classic Bordeaux, although from a year that, despite being a vintage, he didn’t quite approve of. He then snapped back into his salesman talk: “But this classic is ideal for you. Where will you play?”
Rick handed the guitar to Jade. She shrugged her shoulders and took the fender from the owner of the aptly named: “Rick’s Place”. She plugged the lead into the Marshall amp and hit the “E” chord in her best Pete Townsend cricket bowl of a swing. The noise almost blew the amp and broke the glass front door. Several of the customers ducked, perhaps fearing an explosion had occurred. Rick held his hands over his ears and screamed “Turn the amp down! You’ve got it on full blast ya…” Jade didn’t make out the rest of the sentence but immediately turned the volume down. “Sorry,” she said. The people in Rick’s began laughing, but in a way that Jade didn’t mind. They laughed with her, not like the girls at the sports track who had laughed at her, when she ploughed into the friggin high jump bar. “We’re musicians,” Rick said, as if reading her thoughts. “What’s more, this is a guitar shop. When I first owned this place, there was an old beat up acoustic hanging on that wall. It once belonged to John Lee Hooker. Guys like him invented rhythm and blues, rock, you name it. And they did it as slaves, playing their guitars on the plantations. He turned to the wall of guitars observing each one. “Watching the sunset. Strumming and picking the strings to…”

“Soothe their souls?” Jade said, finishing Rick’s sentence.

“Exactly,” he said turning and smiling at the young girl, who for the first time, felt at home.

©DMM #inspirational_photograph by my friend: @buffalo_head_photography


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