Everything you need to know about fireworks 

In truth, Jack’s dad Norman, had little time for his son. When Norman was cutting wood for the fire, Jack was reading or fishing. Norm encouraged his fishing but didn’t appreciate his son laying about reading. “It’s ok having hobbies Jack; well, fishing anyway. But reading? Such things should not get in the way of your work.” Jack’s dad said this everyday.

For a time, Jack would heed his father’s words. He would rise early and join his father cutting wood, or head into town to collect supplies from “MaG’s hardware and farm store”.

On one of these occasions he overheard a conversation that changed his life.

“Fireworks Giuseppe, that’s the future!” The salesman was short and nervous. Jack, who knew nothing about selling, could see that the unfortunate man was embarrassingly bad at his chosen profession. Giuseppe on the other hand, was a jovial little Italian man who had a big heart. However, his wife was living proof of the adage: “opposites attract”. Giuseppe felt sorry for the salesman and bought his entire collection of fireworks. 

The irrationality of the purchase only dawned on Giuseppe when his wife telephoned from her sisters in Italy, saying she was coming home early and would arrive in the morning. After she hung up, a few frantic minutes passed with Giuseppe holding the phone and staring open mouthed into thin air – he hadn’t expected his wife back for at least another week. It was at this moment that Jack came into view. 

By the time Giuseppe returned the receiver to the telephone, he had a plan.
Jack kept the fireworks hidden from his father for two months. During this time he secretly visited the library and read from cover to cover a book called: “Everything you need to know about fireworks”.

Giuseppe’s plan involved a 4th July party for the Town. He “sold” the idea to his wife by saying it would bring in business. He was right. Jack’s display was so breathtakingly good that he received countless commissions from all over the state and beyond. Today he travels the World staging spectacular firework displays. 

Yet, wherever he goes, he returns home at least once a fortnight to go fishing with his dad. ©DMM

Photo @whisperedboof 


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