Café People

There are few things as pleasurable as sitting outside a good café in summer. Maybe in the shadows of colonnade in Melbourne? Or on a misty morning in late autumn as dawn breaks over Venice? Watching the gondoliers gather in preparation for the working day. Listening to their different voices. Low bass tones laughing, alto voices rattling away some story, like a high pitch machine gun in the mountains. Their black tunics against the desert coloured venetian stone. Young enthusiastic, ambitious characters, the middle aged ones, slightly quieter and less flamboyant in their hand waving. And then the older few. These always interest me more, but that says as much about me as it does them.
A woman of great beauty entered the café as I was writing those last few lines. She ordered and sat at a table by the window. She has long raven black hair and a dancers physique. She crosses her long legs and begins to write in her journal. She seems to scribble rapidly, occasionally stopping to think. ‘Maybe she’s an author?’ I wonder, as I sip my flat white. She’s joined by a handsome young man who walks into the café and kisses her cheek. She laughs childlike, shaken from the midst of her contemplations.

An older lady is sitting by one of the colonnades. She too has been watching the young couple.

We both turn away from them at the same time, glancing at each other as we do. I smile but she looks a little embarrassed and turns towards the street.
“Are you going to start on book 2 today Paul?” It was Tess the head barista who always talks to the customers as she cleans tables. I’ve been coming to this place three years now and she knows as much about my writing as anyone. Not because of an eagerness to talk about it on my part, but because she has a genuine interest in her regular clientele. “Yes” I replied smiling, I then added: “Just waiting for some inspiration.”

I notice the old lady walking up the street, she stops as the young couple pass her, unaware of her presence. 

I pick up my pen and begin to write.

©DMM Café People #inspirational_photograph by @stammi_i 


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