Song of the Cicadas 

Two brothers came to rest at a lake in the forest. Parched from hiking, they flaked out on the stone bank and drank from their water bottles. They were not great talkers at the best of times, but today, their exhausted silence was enhanced by the sound of the cicadas singing from the other side of the lake. Peter, who was a fisherman and the younger of the two, laid back and thought of Cecilia, his love, who had pleaded with him to go on this hiking trip with Joseph. “You both need it. Since your father died you’ve hardly spoke. Grief shouldn’t drive people apart, it should bring them together.” Cecilia prayed for the brothers to be as they once were.

 ‘I wish I was fishing’, thought Peter, closing his eyes as the sun dripped bright drops of golden light over his face. “The cicadas make a strange but beautiful sound don’t they?” Said Joe gazing at his reflection on the lake.

“They’re certainly noisy,” replied Peter without moving.

“You don’t find them beautiful?”

“No,” said Peter. But then he saw the face of Cecilia appear in his mind and he felt a nudge of guilt, so he made an effort and added: “but I admit, there is a soothing quality about the sound. It reminds me of the surf, when you’re out at sea a little way. A constant presence. After a while you forget that it’s there, but you miss it – when it’s gone.”

Joe looked over at Peter then turned back to his own faint image returning his stare. The cicada’s song grew louder. “I think they like hearing about the sea,” said Joe, not really knowing what to say but wanting to continue talking to his brother. Joe was a writer like his father. He had no family and no close friends. He idolised Peter and, when he found out Cecilia was pregnant, he had cried from pure joy.

Perhaps the brothers finally realised how much they loved and needed each other? Perhaps it was just time?

Or perhaps it was the song of the cicadas? Whatever it was, Cecilia’s plan worked. Joe and Peter remained best of friends as well as brothers from that day on.

©DMM #inspirational_photograph by @instamarion


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