The Writing Room

My writing room is a tiny shack perched on the end of a wooden pier that reaches out a hundred meters or so onto Lake Placid. I once kept my fishing equipment here but, when I took up writing, I moved the rods and nets back to our basement, exchanging them for a small desk and my old Halda typewriter. I started coming here at 5am each morning figuring that was the best time to catch some inspiration. It didn’t work. I ended up swapping my comfortable bed for the discomfort of my office chair. I did watch the sunrise though – that made the whole idea worthwhile. But six months passed and no book, not even a page.

One morning, after the sun had popped her champagne smile over the mountains and seascape, I drifted into a deep sleep. I dreamt that the pier broke loose from the embankment and started floating up into the sky. The pier span around like a broken compass dial. My writers shack looked like the head of a hammer wheedled by an invisible force. A tornado funnel appeared as the pier span out of control and suddenly I found myself floating in space. The pier now turned slowly. The shack, was now a tiny space station silently orbiting Earth. 

Below me, I saw the blue of the Oceans. I made out the snow covered Himalayas, the flat pallid deserts and the deep green jungles of Asia, South America and Africa. I saw the ice caps of north and south and herds of clouds, matching the white continents, roaming the infinitely beautiful sphere below me. In my mind, the Arctic represented a female and Antartica a male and somehow the clouds mysteriously connected the two. ‘The clouds are like love’, I thought to myself. They are the offspring of mother and father Earth. 

I then heard a drop and suddenly awoke. Several circles rippled gently out from a spot close to the edge of the pier. I looked at the circles as they dissipated into the stillness of the lake but was startled by a small fish leaping from the water, turning slightly and flopping back on its side. ‘I wonder why he does that?’ I thought to myself. ©DMM #inspirational_photograph By @reginaladstatter


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