The Pornpissanu

Poe and his father Aran were fishermen working out of a small fishing village called Cha-am about 2 hours from Bannock. For two weeks they had caught very little but returning to port with an empty hull was not an option, so they had decided to moor again in a bay close to their fishing grounds, hoping that tomorrow their luck might improve. 

The father and son were sat around a table in the upper cabin of Poe’s trawler “Hwang”, meaning “Hope”. Arans trawler, the “Pornpissanu”, was anchored alongside his fathers on the unwavering, mirror like sea.

“The Gulf of Thailand has been emptied of all her good fish. Instead we have tourists.” Poe said, as he swigged another beer. His father usually ignored his son during his semi drunken rants but today was his sons birthday and Aran loved his son very much and didn’t want to leave him alone. The other members of each crew had gone to bed, their snores occasionally rambling across the still night air. “This life is not for me Aran,” said Poe.

“You dislike the sea?” Said his father lighting his pipe, ignoring his sons habit of calling him by his first name instead of father or dad.

“Of course not! I love the sea. I just hate that we have to work so hard, so long. In Bangkok I know rich men who own bars were tourists come to meet women. The owners of these bars fish for fun!”

His father nodded, wondering when would be an acceptable time to return to his own boat to catch some well earned sleep.

 “I don’t want to be like you Aran.” Said Poe after a long pause. “I mean, look at us. It’s my birthday and I’m stuck here with you.”

Aran had momentarily closed his eyes and missed what Poe had said. “Son, I’m too tired. Forgive me. I love you but now I must sleep. Tomorrow we will catch our quoter then you can go and meet your friends in Bangkok.” But Poe had fallen asleep. His dad put a pillow under his sons head and kissed Poe’s hair before returning to the Pornpissanu and praying that tomorrow would be a good day. ©DMM #inspirational_photograph by @mrs.mamm 


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