Raven looked into the soul of each visitor who stepped onto the hallowed grounds of the Royal Palace. For, whilst it is known that certain mystics and gypsies have this power, animals, are not thought to have this gift. ‘Quite why humans assume we cannot see into their souls is… strange.’ Thought Raven, as he perched on the back of a bench watching and listening to a toddler whose laughter filled the air. 

‘But humans are a strange breed. They seem to grow out of themselves rather than into themselves.

Look at this little fledgling running around before me. Listen to the dancing soles of his shoes on the cobblestone’s; so different from the sharp drum tap of the soldiers boots as they change guard.’
Raven flew to the back of another bench and turned his black pearl stare to an old man who was pouring tea from his flask. 

“Hello Raven,” said the old man. “Good to see you again. You don’t remember me do you? Of course it wouldn’t be you,” continued the old man sipping his tea. “I suppose it must have been your father, or grandfather I used to talk to?

I wonder how long a Raven lives? Not as long as I have.” He said to himself. “I’ve lived a long time Raven. I was once a soldier here!” He said, smiling to himself as he finished his tea. 

 “I better get off home now. Not that any one is there; but it’s a long way and I don’t want to walk in the dark.” The old man stood up, “say hello to your grandfather for me!” He called back as he walked away.
Raven recalled his earlier thoughts about humans and a feeling of regret leant against his heart. For the rest of the day he was silent, until he returned to his nest on the Tower roof just after sunset. 

‘Tommy came passed to see you today.’ Said Raven, addressing his grandfather but looking at the moon.

 ‘He’s old now and will soon meet you again. He’s still as kind and sincere as the young soldier you told me about.’ 

Raven then settled in his nest.
“Humans are truly a strange and beautiful breed”, he said quietly to himself.


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