Extract from novel


In my dreams I have felt the Ocean rolling over my feet. I have felt the wet sand squeezing up between my toes. I have seen the clouds pass like sea monsters in the azure sky. I have smelt the seaweed in the harbor, heard the seagull’s scream as the fisherman unload their catch and I have tasted the oysters and clams from Devon to St Malo and yet all this I experienced in my dreams. Perhaps my memories have coloured my imagination? Perhaps my dreams have created a separate World wherein my soul now walks?And yet, if I am free of my body, I am free of pain and longing, of fear and desire. If this is the void, then so be it. But if this is enlightenment, or the beginning of the path to enlightenment, then show me, tell me where I am and what I must do!”

Extract from my novel. ©DMM


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