A Little Christmas Tale

One early winters morning, Tuscan was sitting on the jetty, meditating on the stillness of the lake, when suddenly he became aware of a human child standing behind him. He turned and smiled at the child. “Hello” he said to the boy. “You are of The Lord aren’t you?” Said Tuscan. The boy smiled and approached Tuscan. The boy raised his hand and placed it on the Knights shoulder. Immediately they were transported to a strange forest in a distant land. Tuscan found himself perched on a large Cyprus tree alongside the boy. A thick fog hovered around them but the child pointed down through the veil of mist to a crossroads. Five trails appeared to diverge. From above, the crossroads looked like a perfect star. Tuscan looked at the child who again smiled and pointed forwards. The Knight found himself standing in the middle of the star with three humans before him. Tuscan recalled his years spent in the Himalayas amongst the monks of Lhasa; these travellers appeared to have the same joyful expression and calm demeanour. One of them spoke to Tuscan: “Sir, we are lost. We are searching for someone not of this World but who will soon be born unto it. Can you indicate the way Sir?”

Tuscan looked up but the child had vanished. He thought for a moment. “Why do you seek him?” He asked the eastern travellers.

“We seek the bodhi. We believe this soul, who will soon be born, will embody enlightenment. His life will be remembered throughout the ages.”

Tuscan suddenly understood. He turned and pointed the way towards the trail over his right shoulder. Instantly, he found himself once again on the jetty. 

It had been snowing and the Landscape around him was now white. Tuscan wondered whether the vision had been real or simply a dream? The snow flakes fell like long lost memories passing once and for all through his mind.

He smiled as a tear froze on his cheek. He was heartbroken with the joy at the realisation of how beautiful the World really was.



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