Short extract from my novel.


“Is this heaven?” I asked.Isaiah looked at me. His beauty really was angelic. His skin like untouched white sand. “No. This is not heaven” he said.

“Emily, when you talked to your Father, he asked you a question. Do you recall what he said?”

I knew immediately the question Isaiah was referring to and nodded.

“Then you understand, the important question is not ‘Why you are here’ but what you want from being here” he said. “Is this a test then?” I asked, returning back into the tower and sitting on the floor, my back against the cold curved stone. “Yes, I suppose it is,” said Isaiah. “Everything is a test isn’t it Emily? One way or another.” “Why is everything a test?” I asked. “Because we are still evolving Emily. And we have a long way to go.” Isaiah looked out at the eternal sky. “Indeed, we have so far to go that the destination itself is unknown.” He turned inside and walked over to me. “And not all energy moves in the same direction. Such are the lessons we must learn.” ~

#extract_from_my_novel ©DMM


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